A Focus on the Wellbeing of 学生 

我们在welcome新2登录基斯的首要任务是确保我们照顾的每个学生的安全和福祉. 我们相信,一个健康和包容的学习社区能滋养学生的身体, 在情感上, and intellectually; fosters joy in learning and living with others; and ensures that all feel safe, 见过, 和支持. 

welcome新2登录基斯有许多政策和计划,旨在确保学生的安全和福祉. 这些都是在与独立专业人员协商后制定和实施的,并由第三方专家进行审查. 我们坚持我们的承诺,创造一个安全和尊重的环境. 

学生可以对违反学校道德行为准则的行为提出投诉, 任何形式的偏见, 欺凌, sexual or other misconduct, and other forms of harassment to any trusted adult.

A full listing of guidelines for students is provided in the 年鉴, which is updated annually. 


教师, 工作人员, 健康 Center employees, and students all participate in a variety of training annually, including supplemental training for student proctors. 针对成人的主题包括成人与学生关系的边界训练,以及对学生性别认同或表达的支持, 等. 对学生监考人员的培训包括以促进健康关系为重点的项目, bystander intervention, and toxicity and violence in teen dating relationships. 

All students participate in: 

The Human Development (HD) program: 这些全年课程每周一次,在三个不同的层面探索健康和保健主题. In the prep (9th grade) year, HD课程支持预科生向welcome新2登录基斯的过渡,并培养社交情感学习技能. 中低年级(10年级)探讨个人和社会身份等主题, physical wellness and emotional health, 毒品和酒精, relationships and sexuality. 除了, 学校为高年级学生提供了一个可选课程,旨在帮助高年级学生为升入大学做准备.

同意谈判: 咨询服务主任和性行为不端的预防和应对协调员与每个年级进行这些谈话. Content includes safe reporting structures; the Community Conduct Council (CCC); age of consent; the role of the Connecticut Department of Children and Family services (DCF); and other relevant topics.


Advisory Committee for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education: The SMPE Advisory Committee comprises welcome新2登录 alumni, experts in the field of sexual abuse and prevention, representatives from the Board of Trustees, and current welcome新2登录 faculty who serve as liaisons. 该委员会提供有关不当性行为教育的专业知识, 意识, and training practices; identifying types of relationships, 住宅的现实, and patterns of behavior unique to a boarding school environment that call for particular 意识 of healthy boundaries; and providing historical context and experience with past issues of sexual misconduct on campus in order to inform current policies and practices.

该组织使用科学设计的调查来评估学生的健康状况. welcome新2登录与真实的连接合作,向学生们提供一项气候调查,以匿名方式捕捉他们对情绪健康的反应, 学术的幸福, 药物使用或滥用, 和歧视, 等. Initiated in the fall of 2020. 

View the Family Weekend 2021 webinar (welcome新2登录 portal login is required).

welcome新2登录 is a member school of 学习的勇气, 一个致力于减少学校性行为不端的事件和改善学校反应的组织. “学习勇气”目前正在完成一项学校评估,其中包括对学生的采访, 教员, and senior administrators with a focus on identifying needs and gaps. 该组织将进行年度审查,并将与学院合作制定3-5年的行动计划. 

强奸,虐待 & 乱伦全国网络)对学校的性行为不端教育和应对机制进行了全面审查, including existing policies, 协议, 和培训. The review was conducted in 2018-19. An executive summary is available 在这里.


Employee background screening
2017年,联邦调查局加强了对指纹的筛查,包括基于指纹的犯罪记录检查, Department of Children and Families (CT DCF) screening, and past employer screening. 

Employee and adult expectations
刊登于 员工Handbook, expectations for all faculty, 工作人员, and adult community members are outlined, including the duty of care for students.

Code of Ethical Conduct 
刊登于 年鉴, 本守则为welcome新2登录社区的所有成员提供了关于学生之间以及成人与学生之间适当互动的指导.

Mandated reporter training
所有新员工在入职时都要参加培训,如果他们怀疑或认为学生受到了虐待,就必须报告, 忽视ed or is placed in imminent risk of serious harm. All employees retrain at least every three years. 

Adult reporting mechanisms
发现或怀疑不符合学校要求的行为的员工有多种举报方式, including contacting Human 资源, a member of the Community Conduct Council, 或第三方报告服务,如康涅狄格州儿童和家庭部(DCF).

Bias Incident Reporting Form - for use by students
该表格发布在一个网站上,所有welcome新2登录社区成员都可以访问,并可用于报告任何形式的偏见事件. The form has and continues to be used by students, 这表明学生们越来越愿意面对偏见. 


Community Conduct Council (CCC): 成员包括经过培训的高级管理人员,他们能够公平迅速地处理有关性骚扰或不当行为以及违反学校道德行为准则的投诉. In accordance with Connecticut law, the CCC is required to report any suspected instances of abuse, 忽视, or sexual misconduct to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). 

Discipline Committee (DC): 纪律委员会(DC)由同学和教师选举产生的学生组成. The committee interviews students and others to review cases, listens to the personal accounts of those involved, and determines appropriate sanctions if School rules have been violated. Disciplinary responses include: no action; a letter of censure; a warning placed in the student’s official School record; general probation for the remainder of the school year; and dismissal.  

健康委员会: 会员包括代表学院各方面的高级管理人员. 该委员会致力于将以健康为重点的项目引入校园. (See examples of recent programming above.)

A selection of campus speakers over the past several years:

Sexual safety and healthy relationships

Substance use and mental health

  • 奥拉朱旺Rahim, mental health 意识, depression, and suicide prevention 
  • 马特Bellace, Ph.D., 富有洞察力的, 以科学为基础的, 以幽默方式预防药物滥用及提高心理健康意识
  • 内特·哈蒙, navigating adversity, addiction, and mental health

约翰Amaechi, former NBA player and organizational psychologist inspiring change
亚历克斯·迈尔斯, author and transgender advocate
詹妮弗·芬尼·博伊兰, transgender author and advocate for human rights


Dr. 扎卡里·麦克莱恩:青少年饮食失调,重点是学生运动员
Michelle Sisk, RD: fueling body and mind
Dr. Joyce Faraj: timely topics in nutrition